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Find here some of the best and beautiful collection of welcome messages for you to share online. Welcome your dear ones in style. You can send these pictures to your dear ones and share your hearty welcome to them. When you extend your loving heart to the people who are returning back or new joinees, to welcome your new team mate, to welcome your new room mate, etc. Use these "Welcome Smiley Images, Emoticons" and share happiness.

    Everyday is a happy day as long as you text me once a day. I tell you, this is no lie. A text from you always makes me smile. :)

    Keep the smile, Leave the tear, Hold the laugh, Leave the pain, Think of joy, Forget the fear, Be joyous, coz Its new month! Happy new Month!

    Evryday is a happy day as long as u txt me once a day. I tell u, this is no lie. A text from u always makes me smile. :)

    We have presented here the best smiley images, ecards, wallpapers for you to share online. Here are some best ways of welcoming your dear ones. We have collected here the best and beautiful Welcome Smiley Images, Emoticons that display meaningful welcome messages with welcome smiley. Make these pictures speak up your mind.

    I’ll always remember your helping hand, kind heart, and beautiful smile. You will be my best friend forever because there is no one like you.

    May the joy stay with you all time. I like when you are happy and smiling. At these moments I forget why we actually began to fight.

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